Tanni Grey-Thompson: Why people with disabilities fear assisted suicide

If you haven’t seen it, Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson’s Times article on the assisted suicide bill is a must-read. It’s behind the paywall, but there’s a version of the article here and Living and Dying Well have a follow-up-piece.

‘Those of us with disabilities,’ Grey-Thompson writes, ‘are all too familiar with the view that many in society take of us – that…our lives are less worth living than the lives of others.’ However good the intentions behind Lord Falconer’s bill, its implications are ‘chilling’: it opens the way to a society in which people’s lives are judged by someone else’s standard of usefulness. And even the wording of Lord Falconer’s report seems to admit this: it ‘tells me,’ Grey-Thompson says, ‘that I am not seen as a candidate for assisted suicide right now but I am in the waiting room’.