Pro-life Heroes and Heroines, No. 3: Gandhi

by Oxford Students for Life

There was not a war in Gandhi’s country, or at least not a war with guns and bombs, tanks and drones. There was something more subtle and yet equally destructive to peace: a judgement that certain people in society are subhuman.

‘It seems to me as clear as daylight that abortion would be a crime.’ (Mahatma Gandhi, All Men are Brothers: The Life and Thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi As Told in His Own Words, 165 (1958)

Gandhi unashamedly denounced the clear crime that allowed the caste system to judge the dalits, the ‘untouchables’, as an inferior class of being. Similarly, he denounced the crime of considering an unborn child, at whatever stage of development, subhuman. Gandhi recognised that violence inherent to the destruction of human life, in utero or elsewhere, is an affront to peace and an affront to the value of life. This champion of peace, who was brutally assassinated for his views, should be taken as an example, an inspiration for us to peacefully protest crimes against the unborn.