Keeping the pro-life voice alive at Oxford

by Oxford Students for Life

Oxford Students for Life is starting a fundraising campaign called ‘Keeping the Pro Life Voice Alive at Oxford’ to support its work for the coming year and years ahead. Our aim is to create a culture on campus that protects and cherishes human life from conception until natural death. Life issues are more and more in need of debate. In the UK the Falconer Bill on assisted suicide is currently going through Parliament, and about 200,000 abortions are carried out every year. Just this February Belgium extended euthanasia for children without any age limit and the number of people dying each year in the Netherlands from euthanasia is rapidly increasing. Far too often these issues are met with indifference and the silence that surrounds them must be broken.


We strive to create the opportunity for conversation about life issues by organizing speaker events and debates, and running workshops as well as our blog. The culture on campus is often hostile to this work, and a motion threatening our freedom of speech was only just beaten at a Student Union Council in June of this year. In order to keep the pro-life voice alive we need your support. Just putting on a speaker event can cost up to £150 and having a stall at Freshers’ Fair, where we will meet most of our new members, will cost more than £100. Your money will be of huge help and will go towards:

  • attracting the best speakers for high-profile events and debates;
  • helping student parents, by organising events and practical support like ‘nappy drives’;
  • setting up street stalls offering information about the start of life;
  • spreading the pro-life message by publishing material and maintaining a website.

We want to make sure OSFL is on a strong foundation for the next few years so that the case for human life can be expressed widely and effectively throughout the university. OSFL is going to be met by an ever-increasing number of challenges, and your support will ensure that we are ready to face those challenges and keep the pro-life voice at the forefront of people’s minds.

Please give whatever you can to invest in the future of the pro-life movement. Follow the link here to donate and thank you for your support.