Five questions our opponents have to answer

by Oxford Students for Life

1. The Christ Church JCR motion against our event was supposed to be purely on safety grounds. But was it ideological? An Abortion Rights campaigner advised on Facebook: ‘I’d say the best grounds to try and get it removed is safety cos no doubt they’ll be saying a lot of horrendous stuff.’

2. What was the evidence for the claim – also in the motion – that ‘OSFL has, in the past, given out materials at the Freshers’ fair which, when opened, contained graphic images with no warning’? We absolutely deny this. Will the motion’s proposers withdraw the statement and issue an apology?

3. Were the organisers of the protest event breaking the law? According to the barrister Neil Addison, they could potentially be investigated by the police for conspiracy to harass. Will the organisers identify themselves and explain themselves?

4. Why have WomCam deleted the following statement from their Facebook page?

We also support those within Christ Church who are working to stop the event going ahead. However, if it does, we encourage everyone who can to go along to the disruptive protest.

Is it official WomCam policy to deny free expression? Does OUSU, which WomCam is part of, endorse this?

5. Would WomCam like to co-host a debate on abortion next term? We made this offer on Sunday evening and it stands open. We mean it: it’s to the credit of a University that we can debate those who strongly disagree with us.