Here are the speeches Tuesday’s audience would have heard

Perhaps the most articulate and powerful attack on Oxford Students for Life so far has arrived – from a certain Brendan O’Neill in Spiked. Brendan has published his planned speech, which he never delivered because of the protests. It contains some eloquent attacks on the wording of the motion (‘incredibly dehumanising’), the premise of the debate (built on ‘the politics of fear’), and the pro-life movement in general. It is a pleasure to read, even if you happen to be on the receiving end of it.

Just to clarify, then: some pro-choice protesters who wanted to denounce OSFL’s motion managed to silence a pro-choice speaker who was going to come and denounce OSFL’s motion. Funny old world.

Tim Stanley’s speech is also up at the Catholic Herald: he talks about how he became pro-life, and about society’s habit of silence over abortion. He talks with some urgency about the relevance of abortion to other issues – to discrimination against women, the disabled and the elderly. It’s a bold, imaginative speech with some arresting facts.

Give both the speeches a read. They will remind you why the conversation about abortion matters so much, and why society needs to address it – openly, fairly, and with intellectual integrity.